No Shave November 2020

No Shave November is our largest fundraiser of the year, and we are very grateful to have the funds the dedicated professionals raise to support our mission. Law enforcement agency professionals around our area raise funds and participate in a beard growing contest.  This year’s total $46,612.50!

          For their 5th year in a row Hoover Police Department has raised the most funds with a total of $22,553.00.  2nd place goes to The     Shelby County Sheriff’s Office who raised $12,570.00, 3rd place Alabaster Police Department at $4,200.00, 4th place Helena Police Department     with $3,339.50, 5th Place Pelham Police Department at $3,000.00, 6th Place Montevallo Police Department with $400.00. 7th place The University of Montevallo Police Department raising $300.00 and 8th place to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office with $250.00.

Hoover Police Department


Alabaster Police Department

Helena Police Department

1st place Best Beard

2nd Place Best Beard